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HANOI, Must-see attractions

The capital Hanoi is a city of broad, tree-lined boulevards, parks, lakes and elegant French villas and colonial-era buildings painted in muted hues of yellow and orange. Over thousand years of its eventful history, Hanoi still preserves much ancient architecture throughout the Old Quarter, over 600 pagodas and temples, reminding of the city's rich cultural heritage.

HALONG BAY, Top things to do

Use our guides to explore the best sightseeings in HALONG BAY, Top things to do in HALONG BAY and Best time to visit HALONG BAY

SAPA, Must-dos you should not miss

SAPA, must-dos you should not miss, guidelines on what to do in SAPA and Best time to visit SAPA

HA NOI, 10 dishes must try

In Hanoi you can find familiar Vietnamese street food such as pho noodles, spring rolls, rolled cakes, and skewered meat. Hanoi food tends to be on the sweeter side and utilises freshwater ingredients such as crabs, mussels, prawns, shrimps, clams, and squids. This list will help you have the best trip in Vietnam’s capital.

NINH BINH, stunning scenery and authentic side Vietnam

Ninh Binh province is located in northern Vietnam, about 100km south of Hanoi. With its hundreds of limestone cliffs emerging from the ground scattered across the rice fields, this region is appropriately nicknamed the “Halong Bay in land”.

Apart from this stunning scenery, Ninh Binh is a great opportunity to peek into the rural way of living. It’s all very laid-back and serene, just how the Vietnam experience should be.

HA GIANG, untouched nature, authentic place, no tourist crowds

Ha Giang province is located in the most northern part of Vietnam, about 300 km northwest of Hanoi. This remote and mysterious province is a showcase of unbelievable mountain landscapes, limestone walls, roaring rivers, smiling people and hundreds of kids. Apart from its stunning scenery, Ha Giang is a home to many different ethnic tribes like H’mongs. That is why Ha Giang is a great opportunity to peek into the rural way of living. It’s all very laid-back and serene, just how the Vietnam experience should be.