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What happens if I overstay my visa in Vietnam?

It is illegal to overstay your visa in Vietnam and it is seen as breaking Vietnam laws even if you overstay by only one day. As soon as you notice that you overstay your visa in Vietnam then you should have your visa extended immediately directly with the Immigration Department or through a travel agent. You will most likely need to pay additional fees on top of the visa extension fee. This is to avoid any potential delay or hold-off at the airport you may face later.

Overstaying is never a legal thing, as your data is stored in the Immigration databases and they will know when you overstay your visa. Depending on the length of time you overstayed, there is a possibility that you may possibly be black listed, and you may not be able to return to visit Vietnam for a certain period of time. Your country's Embassy or Consular's office will have no jurisdiction over such issues.

Most of the times you are punished with penalty to pay and are often deported. You too can actually get Vietnam visas extension to keep away from paying high-quality price at Vietnam airport when leaving, but the extension takes you a number of days extra.

Vietnamese Immigration can be very strict and difficult to deal with, typically sticking to the rule book in all cases, so don’t expect any special treatment, sympathy, or leniency when breaking immigration laws.

What are the penalties for overstaying in Vietnam?

The penalties for overstaying in Vietnam may be totally different as a result of specific case. The fine may be ranged from 500,000 VND to greater than 16,000,000 VND (when overstaying 12 months).

- Overstay less than 15 Days: 1,250,000 VND (55 USD)
Overstay from 15 Days to 30 Days: 4,000,000 VND (175 USD)
- Overstay from 30 Days to 90 Days: 10,000,000 VND (440 USD)
- Overstay 3-12 months: The penalty is greater than 16,000,000 VND (700 USD) and compelled exit, restrictions on entry and exit and prohibited throughout the specified interval.

When you overstay only one or two days, you might be able to pay your self to Immigration Officer at Vietnam airport/ land border when you depart. The fine is around 500,000 VND (approx 25 USD). Nevertheless, this manner will not be formally authorized, and will lead to immigration comment in your passport. If you find yourself having overstayed in Vietnam for more than 3 days you are advised to go to the Immigration office as soon as possible, having the appropriate fine ready in cash to be able to leave Vietnam.

If you are overstaying in Vietnam by a few days but still have several days before you plan to leave Vietnam, you should head to the nearest Immigration office and explain your situation and pay the appropriate fines. You may find that you are allowed to apply for a visa extension which will cover the remaining days of your stay. The Immigration Department might ask you to lodge your application through your sponsoring organisation in Vietnam. You can try to persuade them to do it yourself. Otherwise Go Viet Travel can help you to sort it out. 

Visa holders should pay strict consideration on the visa validity to avoid any issues associated to the overstaying scenario. The longer you overstay, the more difficult you can rearrange visa for leaving Vietnam. Validity of the visa should be rigorously observed and the visa holder should adjust to the regulation utilized on the actual visa sort & validity.