Best Vietnam Tours and Vacation Packages

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LUANG PRABANG, Must-see attractions

A land of the lotus eaters amid the bloated development of its neighbours, Laos brings together the best of Southeast Asia in one bite-sized destination.
The history of Luang Prabang is rich and fascinating. Your experience of the temples, museums and natural beauty of this UNESCO World Heritage town in northern Laos is enhanced with the knowledge of an expert guide. Here are some of the best sight seeings in Luang Prabang you should not miss. 

VIENTIANE, Must-Visit Attractions

Laos’ biggest city is Vientiane, but make no mistake, this sleepy capital is more liveable and navigable than other Southeast Asian cities. Beautiful French-influenced architecture, Buddhist temples galore and fabulous natural beauty make Vientiane a must-see stop on any tour of the Lao People’s Democratic Republic.

SI PHAN DON, Must sees and dos

Read about the must sees and dos in Si Phan Don, Laos.  It has plenty of attractions, natural wonders and activities for visitors. Si Phan Don is gearing up for mass tourism. Go now, while it’s still quiet. 
The three principal islands that cater to tourists are Don Det, Don Khon and Done Kong. Most of the lodging available consists of simple, family run bungalows. Bikes and kayaks can also be rented here.