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The hidden charm of Northwest Vietnam

The remote northwest of Vietnam appeals to those wanting to get off the beaten track in one of Vietnam’s most beautiful, unaffected and unspoiled areas. Let’s go with me to enjoy the natural beauty of the jungle and the traditional culture of ethnic performance which will open your heart to the land of dream and fantasy.

For the fist day, I would like to be with you to discover the beauty of breathtaking landscapes which have been the inspiration for many artists, photographers and authors.

Hoang Lien Son Mountains

Hoang Lien Son Mountains

Located in the mountainous northwestern part of the country, it consists of four provinces : Dien Bien, Lai Chau, Son La and Hoa Binh. Known as the roof of Vietnam, where the mountains of the Tonkinese Alps (Hoang Lien mountains) soar skyward, it has the long shadows concealing some of the country’s best-kept secrets. The landscape is a rich palette that provides some of the most spectacular scenery in Vietnam.

Here comes an amazing beauty of the spring in Moc Chau plateau. It looks like the world in fairy tales.

Spring in Moc Chau

Moc Chau

Ban flowers, the symbol of northwest’s mountainous region, bloom in January or February of the lunar calendar. Visually stunning and elegant, both pink and white Ban flowers attract many visitors coming to northwest every year. You can catch a common sight of terrace rice fields or wild flower fields, which is a wonderful place to refresh yourself and enjoy this life without high-rise buildings or traffic jam of crowded cities.

Terrace rice fields

Terrace rice fields in Northwest

Da River flows through the northwest, which was called an aggressive monster in the upstream as well as a charming girl in the downstream by a Vietnamese writer, Nguyen Tuan, in “The ferryman on the Da River”

Da River

Da River

Northwestern Vietnam is home to more than 20 ethnic minorities. However these peoples have many features in common such as living in stilt houses, having colorful costumes, and preserving long-time honored values.

Stilt house is a place not only to live but also to welcome honored guests and gather villagers to make important decisions. Stilt houses are made from wood, bamboo, cane, or rattan. The area under the house is either unused or used as a pen for livestock. While Tay and Nung peoples have their house built up against the slope and usually supported by seven or nine rows of columns running along the sides, the Thai place their houses facing north to south.


The traditional houses on stilts of Thai people

Peoples here live in harmony with mother nature. Meanwhile the ethnic minority groups generally retain their lifestyles and traditional costumes.
This is a place for those who love to know the Hidden Charm of Vietnamese tribe. Being beautiful, gorgeous and industrious, ethnic minority girls have become the character of many poems, songs or novel. Whereas tourists or any other artists would be surprised by the friendliness and sincerity of the locals, especially the innocent children.

Ethnic minority girls

Children in Northwest

Otherwise, do not miss Love Market, which opens on Saturday evenings in Sapa if you come here. There you will find the unique market in the world because what the locals look for is not usual goods but they seek for their dominant partners.
“There is one day in the year
I dedicate to you
I have no gold or silver
Just my true love
Come with me if you believe in me”
March 26 is a night of beautiful songs and lively dances, the performances express fervent wishes for eternal love. Romantic melodies fill the night air. Whether they find a partner or not, the happy memories of the day linger in the minds of many of these mountain people.
You will be impressed by the cozy atmosphere with traditional food and beverage such as Can wine-a rice wine drunk out of the jar through straws, goal milk, bamboo tube rice or grilled fish. Or just enjoy the traditional dance of Thai people.


Ruou can

If you are an adventurous person, traveling northwest of Vietnam will be an amazing experience. Northwestern Vietnam is one of the most wonderful places in the country and is a magical combination of landscapes, ethnic cultures and bracing mountain air. That’s why it is worth paying a visit to the northwest of Vietnam.

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