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2015 Japanese Cherry Blossom Festival

The event is one of the key activities to celebrate the Southern Liberation and National Reunification Day on April 30, and mark 42 years of the two countries’ diplomatic ties.

During the festival, visitors will have a chance to enjoy Yosakoi traditional dance, cosplay and martial arts performances, and an introduction to special Japanese dishes.

Apart from the usual “Sakura” decoration, a lot of interesting activities will take place at the event such as Sakura planting, exhibition, etc.

The Japanese Cherry Blossom Festival was first held in Hanoi in 2007, providing an outstanding cultural activity in Vietnam to introduce Japan’s cultural beauty to visitors, attracting to more 100,000 tourists annually.

The 2015 Japanese Cherry Blossom Festival will contribute to further promote diplomatic relations, friendship and cooperation between Hanoi and Japanese agencies, organizations, and cultural associations.

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